Jeff Seckendorf
Director Cameraman • Director of Photography

Jeff Seckendorf is an award winning Director and Director of Photography. He has been making movies and directing commercials since the early 1980's and has screened films at Cannes, Sundance, and other festivals worldwide. Jeff is the founder of One On One Film Training, a mentorship program for emerging directors. Recently Jeff has moved to documentaries, completing "It Seems Like Magic, But It's Science," a 50-minute film documenting a trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp with a group of Parkinson's Disease patients supporting a stem cell research program. Jeff is also the founder of Unified Team Diving, a scuba certification and training agency, and the founder of Recify Software, a software engine that powers recreational businesses.

Jeff is supporting Summit For Stem Cell, a non-profit foundation raising funds for a cell replacement therapy that can end the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. One of his short projects for Summit can be seen here: